Danielle Perreault RMT

Healthy, supportive touch meets the ancient wisdom of yogic practices to create a state that allows your body to heal itself.

1 session - $150
3 sessions - $430
 (save 5%)
5 sessions - $675
 (save 10%)
10 sessions - $1275
 (save 15%)

Massage X Yin
A yin yoga practice placing tension (stretch or compression) into target areas in your body while your Massage Therapist applies techniques to complement each pose. This combination focuses on long holds in each posture allowing for relaxation, and release of the connective tissues in the body.
Psst.. you may also hear it called "Yin & Tonic"

Massage X Restore
A restorative yoga practice accompanied by Massage Therapy during the long, prop supported yoga poses. Allow gravity, props and your Massage Therapist to fully support your therapeutic, deep relaxation.

Massage X Flow
A yang (read: active) yoga practice accompanied by hands on adjustments, followed by Massage Therapy treatment working to decrease muscle soreness and tension. This combination will allow for relaxation of the mind and body after the physical work of an active practice.

Massage X Nidra
A nidra yoga practice brings you to the state of consciousness between sleeping and waking, and your Massage Therapist applies gentle techniques to deepen your relaxation. If you find yourself unable to turn your mind off and/or fully relax during your massages this combination may be a great fit for you.

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